Remote Access

Skip the commute and avoid those workplace distractions. The world is your office and with Remote Access, you have the freedom to work anywhere at any time.

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Quality Remote Access

Access your desktop and all of your apps, files, and information as if you were sitting right at your computer.

Multi-Monitor Control

View all of your remote desktop’s monitors at the same time on your local screens.

Mobile Access

Control your desktop virtually from anywhere from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Perfect Sound

Stream high-quality sound from your remote computer directly to your device’s speakers.

Print Anywhere

Remote printing lets you print files from your remote computer to any printer on your local network.

Help Desk Support

You will also get all the perks, features, and professional help included with the Help Desk plan.

Plan Starts at $35/month

  • Remote Access Plan also includes:
    • Desktop Sharing
    • Screen Blanking
    • Whiteboard Drawing
    • Clipboard Sync
    • Keyboard Locking

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