About Us

Our Mission

To be the best computer support company that provides easy and instant remote access to our clients.

Our Vision

To provide our members with an affordable and stress-free computer and IT support service.

Our Value

We make it easy for our clients with our flexible support plans. Our remote access model has proven to be very successful, and we are continuing to expand nationwide.  We aim to give our clients Solutions on the Spot!

Our Culture

Today, Anything Computers operates in a virtual environment that provides every team member with a feeling of cohesiveness by simulating an office experience.

Our Story

Christian Quintero, founder of Anything Computers started dabbling in computers back in his high school years and worked on all his friend’s computers for free. He clearly had a natural ability for this and studied at DeVry. He then left the USA to visit family in Ecuador and took on a leadership role as a Systems Administrator in the medical sector there.

While in Ecuador, he had the idea of a company that would bring expertise to the table in an affordable and easy to reach way. He experimented with what works and doesn’t and had a vision of growing into a national brand.

When returning to the states, he created Anything Computers in 2006, building the foundation with the help of his mother who had a background in finance, along with his father’s quality control expertise.

As the company grew and continuously adjusted to an ever-changing world, so did the remote access business model which is now nationwide.

Our Footprint

Frustration-Free Solutions for Everyone

The Right Amount of Support for You and Your Business

Highest Quality Professional Support
Exceptionally Fast Turnaround Time
Affordable Plans Have You Covered
Serving Customers since 2006